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      I believed in `till death do us part`


I think that after my first marriage I want this one to last forever. The marriage vows I strongly believed I now don't believe in. I gave this marriage 12 years to work and I have just ended it. I started wondering when the better part of the vows" for better or for worse" was going to happen and than one day It hit me that it was never going to happen.

My husband is a drug addict and will never change. I thought I could change him and was wrong. However I kept holding on until one day my oldest daughter came to me and told me that her step dad was trying to peep at her naked. That was the most devastating thing I have ever had to deal with and I am still dealing with it.

This is all still very new to me as he just moved out 2 weeks ago. It hurts that the man we all trusted and loved. and still love can do this to his family. We all still love him which is natural however my daughters don't trust him and I don't trust him. The drugs have taken over his life and it is hard to understand how that can be more important than us.

I will never understand what he has done but am glad that I am starting to put myself and my daughters first and now we can actually start a nice life together. Just the three of us girls for now.

One day true love will come. I am sure however it is going to be hard to trust again.


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