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      Janesville 2, feelings of destiny


I was 14 when my life changed, the beginning of my adulthood and end of childhood with one single feeling of Hate. And in this world of fantasy and loss I came to know that no one could see the world threw my eyes but me. But I was wrong.

By 15 I was in deep with the town that surrounded me. It had a wall of something dark and terrible around it that made up what they called Janesville.

By the time I was in high school I had tried to connect myself to a few people, but nothing worked. I knew I was different than everybody else. My fight and struggle to leave this town meant I was judged to be an outcast from many of my friends.

Ashly was some one I could talk to, bleed with if it ever came to it. Soul mates? I may never know. She eased my pain. And then I was gone. A year has passed with out her. My life will never be as happy unless I can find her again.

What is she doing today? What does she think about me. What happens if this fairy tale has no happy ending.

I only hope that I can hold her again, one last dance with fate.


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