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      Why me?


Two years ago I met this person.We decided to become friends with the intention that it would lead us to something special. It didn't quite work out, and almost a year passed and we didn't speak.

She then contacted me, apologized for the way it finished and asked if we could try again. This time our relationship lasted a bit longer, we both shared happy moments, but that didn't last and it all went wrong again.

But that now feels like a drop in the ocean, because what happened after that are probably the best memories I have so far. I thought I would never meet anyone else, but within months I did, & I was so glad this person came into my life.

I made contact with this new person, she knew of me, and she was very willing to give it a try, though she had seen me around.

We met up, we went out to for nice Italian, then to French Crepes, then into Leicester Square for Coffee, all in all, totally the most memorable night. We hugged and exchanged a peck on the cheek, at the end of the night.

Then came the BUT's and IFS, and she felt there was something missing, between us, but couldn't say exactly what it was. I couldn't believe it, after having so much fun, I felt we were so good together, the future looked good.

We agreed to remain good friends, because she felt I was different to anyone she'd ever met. Funnily our friendship got stronger, and stronger, and we went out again, yet again it was so memorable. I hugged her, and just wanted to hold her forever & ever, so tightly that no one could break us apart, so no one could hurt us.

In the end she couldn't handle our friendship, because of what people were saying. I touched her heart so many times, that she once called me an onion, because the more layers she peeled off me the more I made her cry. She couldn't handle the emotions.

Why does it keep happening to me. I really do feel that there is no one else out there, anymore!


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