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      The girl I left in janesville


Almost a year ago today I left this girl that I should have not. I still sit here wanting to see you, to feel you. I have asked, is this love, did I love her. Yes, and I miss her.

I once made a girl cry, I brought pain to her life. And some how later on behind a music store in a alley way, we meet by chance on a weekend during a cool night.

Ashly was her name, I only say her name for I wish she could read this. I was 15 and a freshmen at her school, we had never meet before. She just appeared out of no where. We spent that first night with each other. I helping her with her last boy friend and I feeling like I have never felt. We shared secrets, had our disagreements, and temptations hurt us, but we became connected. Love could not describe it.

Months later we had our biggest disagreement, my father banning me from seeing her. I was moving away from Janesville. A city of hate and control. The last night she showed up on my door step. My father not letting me open the screen door. I just pressed my hand against the screen, wanting to touch her one more time, in our souls we forgave ourselves there for our temptations and fears that split us, but she never touched me back.

Later that night her cousin gave me a letter with her last words to me.

I was gone the next morning. I have not seen her since,

Some day I will come back, I promise with all my heart Ashly.



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