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      Love hurts


I met this guy about 2 yrs ago. I wasn't that interested at first , he seemed really nice but I wasn't really attracted to him at all . He was very persistent , he kept calling me all the time , so in the end I gave in .

I started seeing him and the more I saw him the more I started really liking him, I couldnít believe it because he was so perfect for me . He had all the qualities I love in someone. But the most important thing to me was he made me laugh . I started to really fall for him. Then when I thought things were good for us , he told me that he didnít think things were working out .

I couldnít say anything, when he told me I was dumbfounded. I was so hurt . I didnít realise how much I loved him until he was gone out of my life . Now I still have the same feelings for him but there is nothing I can do about it .

I donít think there is anything worse then having feelings for someone who doesn't return your love


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