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      Short love


Well its like this I fell In love ( I think), he has too much stuff in his life right now, which makes him crazy, so after a couple of months of this I decided I couldn't wait anymore, it was kind of stupid anyway to wait for a man who was in fact separated!

He said all the right things that made me melt into his arms, but its not worth it when the guy doesn't want to be with you because of the stress from his wife. What was I thinking getting involved.

What I have learned which I thought was impossible for me is that I can have real deep feelings for someone or even fall in love.

One thing that is confusing is that this guy and I clicked right away and this other guy that I am starting to date didn't click in the same way, so now I am thinking it won't work out but I want it to. I felt like I knew the other guy forever, and my new guy I don't feel like that. I have fun and like to be with him, but I guess I'm just wanting too much too fast because of the past guy.

It also doesn't help that I want to stop thinking of him but can't!!

Oh love is a mixed up thing!!!


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