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      I`ll keep dreaming


All my life I've dreamed the fairytale. I really thought that one day my prince charming would come along and in that first glance I would know that he was the one. I've been through failed relationship after failed relationship and no matter how much I pray or want something to work out it always falls through.

I recently thought I'd found it. When we kissed my knees got weak and I felt something I'd never felt before. He treated me great; or at least I thought. Every minute I spent with him, was like something out of those childhood dreams and I felt like my heart had found it's other half; it's home!

So, he travels a lot for work! I know that he thinks of me and he's so excited to see me when he comes home! I'm busy too and it gives me the week to get myself in order! These are all the thoughts that went through my head, while he was away on business! Until this past week I felt fine while he was away and then I started to get this nagging feeling, like there was something else to the picture I was missing! You should always trust your instincts!

While I wasn't ready to run off and elope, I was falling! I found out the day before he came back through a mutual friend that he has another girlfriend and he was stringing me along. The bitterness did envelop me for a while, to be totally honest I went home that night opened a bottle of champagne, had a good cry and a nice size hangover the next morning. Yet, I woke up with this feeling that I'm not incomplete without him, I'm not alone and despite the desire for everyone of us to find our other half, the "ying" to our "yang" I'll be ok today, tomorrow and the next and if I have a little faith and I put in some effort now and then I'm not going to let any small setback bother me. One day when I open my eyes and turn to the man that I love all the heartache and mistrust and misunderstanding that occurred was worth it, it was all a part of the path that lead me to this man. Despite the heartache we all feel, we all must go on.

Life's too short to waste time on "maybes"


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