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      I pray that I heal


When I first met him, I was besotted, there was a certain aura about him and I knew he was my dream man.

5 yrs later I'm shattered, disillusioned and on the verge of breaking down.

Yes, he was cheating on me and I was angry, angry with myself for trusting him so implicitly, apart from being in a state of shock and anguish there was also bewilderment. I made up with him so many times and even took the blame for his cheating. Remorse was changing into bitterness.

Right now I am in my own world, which is spinning just too fast, I feel like a zombie merely existing instead of living.

The words that he threw my way have left me destroyed, how could the person I loved with all my heart and soul treat me like trash, he now says he doesn't love me and he hates being around me.

I'm so unhappy that I cry myself to sleep every night hoping never to wake up to reality.

This pain is destroying me, I only pray that I heal because I feel helpless and destroyed.


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