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      Realization sets in


Yes sometimes true love means letting go of the one you cherish most. Whether it be your child, to let them grow - or a soul mate you are so In love with, that your heart yearns 24 hrs a day even though you found someone else that will love you. Or knowing that even your soul mate still loves you but now lives with another too.

Our Story is just as pitiful, because we had it all together.

We still chat online and today he told me he still loves me but I know in my heart that neither of us can hurt these other two people in our lives and it will only be us that would lose.

I dearly love you Rick.

From the bottom of my heart he is the only man I was willing to ever think about in a marriage commitment because he took my heart and he still has it. So until the day I die his name will remain deep inside my heart and I will secretly be sad for the yearning I feel to be with him.

I dearly love you Rick, and always will.

I wonder what he meant when he told me online I was the best love he ever had and he misses me dearly. Itís so sad that we will probably never have another chance to be soul mates together again.

For now should we just remain friends? Or should we part our ways and hurt even more, forever.

I am dying just thinking about it.

Love, M


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