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      Where is he?


I lived in Edmonton for 8 years of my life and the 2 years that I met David...everything changed. David was 7 at the time and I was 6. But unlike most others, David was a handicap. He could barely talk right, but I knew what he was saying. We spent many hours with each other. He was my best friend and we knew each other inside and out. Some of my other friends thought that I was weird because my best friend was a handicap and lived in a wheelchair...but I did not really care what they thought or said to me.

2 years past and I moved to a small town out of Edmonton with a population of 500 people. I tried to stay in touch with David, but I eventually lost his number. Even to this day I smack myself across the head because I lost his number. There was a time when I went back to his house and knocked on the door...but there was no answe, I looked around and saw that the pool was filled with algae and the sand box was pretty much ruined, I looked in the garage and saw a green van, there was no little dog named Dallis, and I knew that he did not live there anymore... I felt a lot of pain rise in my body.

I just wish that I could get a hold of David and see him again...I don't even remember his last name anymore… some friend I am.. but, if I see him again and get the chance to talk to him, I will be the happiest person in the world.


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