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      I should have known


I met him about 2 years ago. He was tall, slim and had the most wonderful blue eyes ever. It was love at first sight as far as I am concerned. I could see that he was interested in me but he was trying to hide it.

A couple of weeks later I found out he had someone but I could not stop loving him more and more because I simply did not imagine that after so many misfortunes I would be able to care for someone this way ever again. We did hang out sometimes, 5 minutes here and there. But those moments were the most precious to me. I know he did try to kiss me many times but I was aware of that someone else in his life and I would gently avoid his lips. As much as I cared about him, I would never want to hurt that other girl. Time went on and on.

We e-mailed each other sometimes. I would call him a lot but he called me only twice. It did not matter, I was too much in love. Days and Nights I would be praying and crying because I missed him so bad. I should have read in his behaviour that he was not in love with me. Was he looking for just a little adventure? I could never think that he would be like that. I told him that I loved him and that he meant the whole world to me. I basically had to pull out of his mouth what was so obvious!!! He had someone else and that was how it was going to stay. Ok I said. I told him not to blame himself for anything but as naive as I was to believe that I would be with him someday, he made me believe and hope and wait for him. Before him I never thought that I would love again but I did. I loved him so much I was going to wait forever for him. I now know that I should not.

I know that I will love again, I know that I will be loved very dearly. I know that a very special man is coming for me. I love him already. I know that his love will heal all the wounds in my hearts. He will wipe off all the tears I have shed. I will be his love, he will be my man. God willing, we will be together forever in love. I thank God for this man that he is sending to me very soon. I thank Jesus and his Mother for helping me breath again. My love will come like a shower of blessings, like a gift from God.


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