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      My love


I met this guy in 7th grade and I liked him ever since we started on a talking basis, then to friends, then we became friends with benefits, then went out, then we broke up. Now its a best friend/benefits thing, I told him every dream, hope, secret and he told me everything too. When I was with one of my exes, he treated me like shit and he was there for me and told me that he would never do that to me and I wanted to believe him, if he was a good enough friend he should be a great boyfriend.

I had a miscarriage with my ex before this one and he helped me through it, he always helped me so I took the chance and it was a wonderful chance, I loved him so much and I still do.

Well we went out for a while, then told me that this cant be too good for our relationship so he ended it. We are still best friends but it hurts to know that he loves me and still does things with me but he cant commit.

I was his longest relationship too, he says that this right now isn't good for my mental state, I tried to commit suicide 4 times because of this situation what am I suppose to do?


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