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      Whom could I share my life with


I don't know where should I start from. My life has shown me so many colours, or should I say all the colours of life. I have gone through so many hard times since childhood. Always longing for a true love. Just like any other girl I have small dreams. No demand, just simple true love, that's all I always wanted.

Someone once told me that we receive signs from that one who is made for us. The sign is shown from god above. But now I know that I have been following all the wrong signs till now. It has cost me loosing my being & virginity. Everyone whom I met till now, I always thought that probably he is the one. But ultimately just ended up finding that he is another hungry dog who had nothing to do with my heart & feeling for him. All he wanted was my body.

One heartache after another.

Now that I have lost everything. Nothing to give the one who deserves it. Now the situation is worst. Anyone who comes to me & tries to show love, I feel that he is just another one who just wants me in bed. Now even if I find the true love I would think about him the same way. I always keep thinking on the life that I have lived, just in hope of finding the right one. I have started loosing weight too. Trying to divert my mind & keeping myself happy with other things, but all in vain. Nothing seems to be working. I can't concentrate on anything. That's effecting my job too. Parents want me to get married. That makes me think all the more.

How do I face the one whom I am getting married to? what have I left that I could give him. I want someone to help me. But whom could I share my life with?


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