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      Lost love


The last story I read said a very true line... in the end they are all the
same, so right! you think your man will change and you think he is the greatest,
but no, he turns out just like the others, him with someone else, not missing you,
not caring and you crying in complete heartache.

I will never forget my first
love, heartache, kiss, boyfriend, first everything. We met in 10th grade
history. We hit it off right away. He was a hippy, free loving guy, really sweet,
and really funny. My attraction to him grew, and I would look forward to seeing
him everyday. Then one day he called me and wanted to hang out, he told me he
really liked me. He didnít want the whole "boyfriend,
girlfriend" label. I ended up loosing my virginity to him, even before we
dated. We ended up dating for 2 years and 2 months. Of course we had our ups
and downs and me always thinking he is with other girls. I had a real jealousy
problem with him. I confided everything
in him and he could heal any problem of mine, and we shared everything, I still
didnít trust him at all. I wonder why, when he cheated on me 2 times, I should
have left him the first time but I donít know what it is about him, I was
addicted to him like someone would be with a drug or something. I loved him more
then life itself.

He actually told me he loved me almost a year after we had
been going out, it shocked me to hear it from him. someone who had always told
me he didnít want a serious relationship and labels. Now he would go around to
any girl that would hit on him or anything and say how much he loved me and say
all about me. I guess all the memories and love ended this august 12th. He
told me months before that he was moving to Canada, because he hated San Diego
and he needed a new life, he told me it had nothing to do with the girl that
was up there, one of them he cheated on me with. Though ironically he has never
cheated on the other girls, just me. The day he left, I couldnít even stand up I was crying so much, I cried for several
hours, and days. A week later I found out from his ex, not even him, that he
moved there for the other girl. I couldnít tell you how hurt I was, I still am,
and always will be. That was 2 months ago, and he still calls me and I still
hang up on him, he doesnít understand why I'm upset and he doesnít understand why I
donít have someone here. But I'm glad I met him, because I learned a great lesson
and Iím learning to let go, its the hardest thing I have ever had to do, watch
the person I love, love someone else.

So just watch out for those hippies, and


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