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      A possibility


I'm the kind of person who is so precautious that to love is too much of
a risk to take. I think it's better to be safe than sorry.

I met A. D. in high school. we were classmates and because he had a girlfriend, I
thought it was alright to hang out with him as we could just be friends, he really was a good friend, we talked on almost anything. He and I
just clicked. He is like the male version of me, we were so similar that it made
me think he was my soul mate.
Then as each day went on, we grew closer. he told me his problems and I help
give him advice. we shared jokes. He was like my older brother and I was to him
his younger sister.

One day, things changed, he said he was in love with two people and acted
weird towards me. he would then do all the nicest things to me and sacrifice his
time just to get to be with me.
I, however, made it pretty clear that I don't want any boyfriends.
He knew that and by all the signs I gave him, it made it harder for him to tell
me how he really felt about me.
He also broke up with his girlfriend
and although I wanted deep down to be with him, I denied it with every chance I
had. I didn't want to hurt anybody.

I knew that he loved me because I could see it in his eyes and how he smiled at

Sometimes, I wonder if it's right to have such a good friend
who I knew I loved and could also be my boyfriend. I am afraid that I might just
get hurt and that one day our love may just die out.

so until now , I am still thinking about that possibility.
Iím now in college and recently he asked me if I could see him someday, but I
just changed the subject.

He is a good guy but I know that if I fall in love, I will be the most stupid
woman and will give him my everything but what if he will not be worth it after
all. Every time, I watch a romantic movie, his image always comes to mind and the
question... "what if"?

This is just a possibility that I still don't know how to make it into a

To anyone in a similar situation, be brave and just say and do what your heart
tells you to do. Do not lose a moment to show that someone that you care because
h/she will never know unless you say it.


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