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      She gave up on me


I met her at the wrong place and time, but she changed my life. I was separated
from my wife. I had gone years without love and affection and I knew I needed
to get out of this marriage, but I did not want to hurt my two kids. Yet, I
fell for this girl and we shared more in the two years that we knew each other
than I had ever shared with anyone. I loved her and still love her more than I
could love any woman.

But, I was always beset by problems in following through with the divorce and
then I had problems at work. She stood by me through everything with only a
promise from me that one day she and I would be married and together forever.
In a span of just a few months, though, I went crazy with anxiety and shut her
out of my life and moved back to be with my kids. This girl moved away. At
first we kept in contact and she again stood by me. But, I was so unhappy that
I became pathetic around her. She finally gave up and refused to communicate
with me anymore.

I have finally divorced my wife, but this girl refuses to see me. She will not
have anything to do with me anymore. I am devastated. I don't know what to do.
I have pitifully begun seeking psychics to know if maybe one day she will come
around. I don't want to love anymore.


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