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      Letter to Paul


I've fallen in love at first sight twice in my life - the first
time I saw you, and the first time I held our daughter.

When we met I thought
you were SO beautiful, and I could not believe that someone like you could be
interested in someone like me. Now it seems that I was right.

I'm not going to go over and over all the things we've said and done to hurt
each other because we both know what they are. I simply would like for you to
acknowledge that you have not done your best by me and that I deserve better
treatment than I receive from you.

I want to thank you for our daughter, she is everything I hoped and dreamed of,
so at least in one respect I have got the best part of you. I want to thank you
for your support throughout my pregnancy and her birth, and for the good times
we shared. They are all the more memorable because they were so rare.

I am sorry for the things I've said and done which have hurt you. It is not my
nature to be unpleasant and I am ashamed of myself for letting anger and upset
get the better of me at times. I guess you brought out the passionate side of
my character in and out of the bedroom!

I wish you all the best things that Life has to offer - I tried in my small way
to show you what some of them are, but I guess you were unready or unwilling to
see it in that light. I hope that one day you will be able to understand that.
I also hope that you know that you have the potential to be a better man, and I
hope that I am around to see it happen.

I gave you the best of my love, be kind to yourself and others.



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