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      I want to change what happened


I have lived with someone for 10 years. He has never been good to me. He
has worked for the same man for three years now and one day recently I sat there
looking at his boss and realized he was looking back at me. We had a very strong relationship going from then on. Even though nothing
had happened we were very close and we saw each other daily.

I moved too soon and
wrote him a note and told him how I would like to do simple things with him.
Like four wheel riding, etc. Unfortunately I also told him what I would like to
do to him.

His marriage was not going well at all but I think he panicked because
I was so forward. He had such a high opinion of me and I burst that bubble. He
is afraid of his wife in the sense that she will take everything that he has
worked for all his life. They have been married 30 years. I am now not allowed
on the job site and his wife checks up on him all the time to make sure. He did
not tell her about the note but she already had a feeling something was going on. Now I don't know how to get
back on the job site and how to let him know I will take it slower.

I am truly in
love with him. I have not felt like this since my husband died.


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