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      I could not see that he would break my heart


He broke my heart, in retaliation for me dumping him. I broke up with him, but I still loved him. I still love him. He played with my heart, my soul, my life, my love.

When we met, I knew. I knew it was right for us to be together. I knew together forever wouldn't just be an overused phrase for us. Not knowing eventually he would break me. How could I not see that eventually he would break my heart?

We were together for 3 weeks, before our perfect relationship became a confusing life of lost knowledge. I knew I loved him, but I had to let him go. Not knowing was tearing me apart. Living and wondering was killing me. I broke up with him thinking it was the right thing to do. Little did I know I was letting go of my life, my mind, my heart and soul.

I cant walk away, he's still got a piece of me. My heart bleeds where he tore it apart. My heart is bruised where he tore it from my chest. A nonexistent knife protrudes from my chest, pierces through my heart and extends out through my back. How could I not see that he would break me?

If I could turn back the hands of time. He'd still be mine. If I had known that hell would follow our break up. I never would have let him go. Now I face every day alone. With nowhere to go, no sense of anything. Not knowing who I am, or where I'm headed. Not knowing if tomorrow will be another day.

With these words of hate, anger and pain, I see nothing in the future but rain for myself. I see dark clouds, pouring rain and the fires of hell. Darkness overpowers the light. Grey clouds cover the sun. Hell's fires withstand the rains which are my tears. My heart lays shattered on the ground. My tear stained face is dirty and I can no longer struggle on..

How could I not see that eventually he would break me?


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