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      I hope that he will come to realize


I had been with my boyfriend for about at year and a half. I loved him so dearly. We did have our fights and disagreements but he had been my best friend since sixth grade. We graduated together last year. I thought he would always be there for me. In fact he promised me that we would always be together.

He proposed to me last valentines day. It was great for a while but then I got scared. Here I am 18 years old. There is so much stuff that I wanted to get out and get done before I settled down. I told him and it upset him. He is the type of guy that holds a lot of his feelings in. Sometimes it irritated me, but I got used to it. I was always going to be there for him whenever he was ready to talk. About three weeks ago we said that we should just have some time apart. It didn't scare me because I knew everything was going to work out. We were so much alike and had so many great times together. Two days after we had made this decision we were going together to get some pictures developed and he was very quiet, he even said he was sick, but whilst we were waiting for the pictures to get developed he showed me his cell phone, "I've met someone" he said. I was so shocked and so angry. We got into a huge argument. I couldn't believe what had happened. A few days later he told me that they were just going to be friends and hang out. It still disturbed me. I went to his house to talk to him and he started crying. He said that he still loves me. I was so confused. We made love. It was great. I know he felt what I was feeling. But he still will not come back. I'm so devastated. I just want to give up on love.

How can I make him see what he has given up. I had never been in love before, it's the best feeling in the world but it is also the worst. I want him back so bad.


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