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      Meant to be


It makes a change for me to write a story in the love section! I've written a couple in the heartache section about one person, this is also about him. It's quite long, so bear with me!

I met him when I had stopped searching for him. I looked right into his eyes and I knew, I knew this was where my life really began. I fell completely in love with him. I ended up with a broken heart, which naturally I blamed all on him. But when you look back at something with a clearer view you see that there is more to it than what is there on the surface. It was all miscommunication. We were both the kind of people who never said how we were really feeling. We were both afraid of being hurt.

It was the worst 6 months of my life without him. Then 2 weeks ago my phone rang. I didn't recognise the number but I knew that it was him. I heard his voice and my heart leapt, all the old feelings that never really went came flooding back. I went to see him and I hadn't lost any of my love for him.

We spent a long time just talking. I told him everything I was feeling, but he still wasn't opening up. I looked in his eyes and asked him to tell me how he was feeling. and it was like his walls came crashing down and for the first time he let me in, he showed me inside his heart. He told me he was scared and he had tried not to love me but it hadn't worked. He told me I was everything to him and he wanted to take care of me. I was a little wary to believe him at first but then I looked in his eyes and saw myself how he sees me and saw how much he loves me. I know that it is meant to be, I can feel it every time I'm with him, every time I think of him. he completes me. In my life I have felt pain that consumes you. I had never known there was happiness like that, until now. True happiness that makes you feel as if your not real, as if you could just burst with the feeling. That's what I feel every time I think of him and I am so thankful everyday for him.

I just wanted to share my story to tell anyone out there who may be afraid to say how they feel to just do it. Tell them you love them because they could be feeling the same way and are too afraid to say it and even if they don't, you have to take that chance; just to know....


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