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      Never ending story?


Our story starts out in a divorce recovery group 1 year and 4 months ago. When I met him he was my main support during my divorce. Through our hours of late night chat I grew to respect and value him as a true friend. The more we chatted the more we realised that we truly have lead mirrored lives. No matter what was said the other could relate. Feelings started developing long ago but the distance and the fear of being hurt again kept me from expressing them. Then he went out on a date and the jealousy I experienced was intense. I still kept my feelings a secret for another month after his date bombed out. Then one night I will never know why, I told him that I got jealous of his date. To my amazement he also had feelings for me. Since then we chat and talk on the phone EVERYDAY for countless hours. I never thought a man this wonderful was out there, he NEVER ceases to amaze me. To date the only downfall is the distance. I guess all true love has it's obstacles to see
if you are up to the challenge.

This man knows more about me in a month than anyone else in my life. I never planned on falling in love online and I wasn't looking for anyone when he came into my life. Was it fate? Did God feel it was finally my turn to experience true and unconditional love?
Whatever the answers to those questions are really don't matter because I feel more blessed than anyone in world.

I believe meeting online helps you fall in love from the inside out. I first fell in love with his heart and mind. We are the best friends and sometimes that is a hard task to achieve while dating. When someone starts dating it usually starts out as infatuation. But when you fall in love with someone you have never met face to face, you have lots of time to get to know the true person. I am not saying that everything will work out but I am willing to give this relationship everything I have. Yes I am still scared of the unknown but everyday he gives me more reason to believe. I could write pages and pages of how wonderful this person is but I think everyone can tell that I LOVE HIM.

I hope and pray that this is just the beginning to my never ending story.


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