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      Come to stay or stay away


After being divorced, I thought I would never love or trust anyone again. But I met someone and I fell head over heels in love with a man that was also divorced. He loved my son like his own and I also loved his children the same.

We have been together for 5 years, Engaged 3 years ago. Like any relationship, it had it's ups and downs, but I felt our love and bond was so strong, we could withstand anything that may come our way.

Last month he came to me and said he was unhappy and had to leave. 2 days later, he was with another woman.

I said I would forgive him, and he came back. Only to leave again after 2 weeks, because we had a disagreement. One week later, he came back again telling me he wants to be with me and we should get married in a month. He will be faithful to me.

I found he was calling this woman during the 2 weeks that he was back with me, and caught him out on it. Now he says that he has to let me go, and that He can't promise to be faithful to me, he's afraid to break that promise and doesn't want to hurt me again.

My problem is that I can't let him go. I told him that I would forgive him, and that I know that he can be faithful to me. He was before. I really love him. I don't want to try to get over him. I want him in my life and my son's life. I feel as though I can't breath without him.

I wish he had faith in himself as much as I do. But how can I have faith in him if he doesn't?


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