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      True love takes time


I met my soul mate when I was only five years old. He was the son of my mothers babysitter at the time.

Time passed, our whole childhoods in fact. I was three and a half years older than he was, but it did not matter. Love does not define itself by time or ages. One special fourth of July night when he was 16 and I was 19 we realized that there were more than just childhood feelings. But because there are laws about such things as age differences it would be three more years before I would even consider something with him.

Three years passed and then finally on a cool December night he and I shared our first kiss. I was very sheltered unlike him. He might have had three years under me in age but in things like sex and women he was 10 years ahead of me. By that July I surrendered everything to him, my heart, my mind, body and soul. I knew that He would be my first sexual encounter and the last.

Unfortunately three months after that beautiful night he left town without a word to anyone including me and his own family. I was tortured. I cried, nights, days and minutes went by and still I cried bitterly for being so foolish to give everything I had to him. He reappeared four months later unexpectedly like a stranger from far away. He had enlisted in the Navy. He had needed time and space he said, to get his life in order. I understood but was still bitter towards him leaving me at a such a crucial time for us both. He tried to approach me but my heart was hurting too much and I left quickly. I did not see him until October right after 9/11. He called me late one night said that his ship had docked and pleaded with me to see him. I was short tempered and bitter in my response. You see when you truly love someone and they leave so quickly it takes much time to forgive and to forget. So I forgave and went to him. We embraced and hugged each other. I told him I had missed him. He handed me his address and told me to please write to him while he was away on board his navy ship. So I did and for a little more than a year we wrote back and fourth. Finally he declared that he loved me. That he realized what he had lost. He asked was there any way that I could forgive him and share my life with him. I cried while reading the letter and told him yes, I had never stopped loving him, I could forgive him and that I had always loved only him. We will be together soon this November after so many months apart.

My true love is coming home to me at last. True love takes Time.


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