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      My biggest problem is that I love him


I met my best friend 3 years ago when we where sophomores in high school. Actually I met him freshman year, but we weren't that close actually I thought he was weird back then, but that was before I really got to know him.

Anyways his mother died in a horrible accident that almost cost him his own life. When he came back to school no one talked to him, so I started to talk to him, it was awkward at first but we became close pretty fast. I learned we had the same interests, and had a lot in common but I didn't really pay attention to it. I was lusting over this stupid guy who was just playing with me and never saw the best thing to ever happen to me was right in front of me. Not until We went together to our Junior winterformal that I started realizing the chemistry we share, and how much we have in common.

He treated me like a princess that night, and you can say I started liking him that evening. When we came back to school I was so nervous around him and I didn't know why. My other best friend told me I liked him and I said I wasn't sure. Actually she had been telling me forever, you can say I was denying my feelings back then after all I was only 17, and didn't know what I really wanted and needed. He made me feel so special, always turned any bad day into a good one. Over time I fell in love with him, I mean he is my soulmate I am sure of it. We like the same things (except. food he's healthier than me.) We are both shy, loners, and dreamers. Although he is more realistic, ambitious and smarter than I.

There was only one problem, him and my other friend had a huge fight the summer of 99. We stopped being friends for awhile, and he treated me so badly, like he didn't even know me anymore. And I had nothing to do with this. Thank goodness we worked out our differences and we're still friends. He was the one who apologized for acting like such a jerk!

My biggest problem is that I love him and he doesn't... well I am not sure how he feels about me. But I know he loves me as a friend and I am happy about that, I just hope nothing makes me lose him.


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