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      Mixed love


I met my partner in November of 1993. I suppose it love at first sight. He was tall dark and handsome, we met under strange circumstances but we fell in love almost instantly.

We spent day and night together for two weeks. But then is when it became complicated. I found out that I was pregnant, much to my surprise. I told him and we had an obvious problem. I found out that he was going back to Turkey. He was a Turkish Muslim, this did not go down to well at all. I carried my child threw my pregnancy all by myself and also delivered my child with only my mother by my side. I had a son and we all knew what this meant.

My childs father came back from Turkey 2 weeks after my son was born. To cut along story short we tried to make it work against all the odds. Three years of abuse, torture and torment. Separation from him and my family. In and out of courts with protection orders etc. I fell pregnant again, 48 hours later he left. I felt really cheated by him.

I already had one child and I felt that I couldn't cope. With the help from my mother, I did. I went threw yet another ordeal this time having twin girls. He did not want to know. He threatened to take his son on many occasions.

He went through the court system to gain access to his children. this was an excessive ordeal, I lived in fear of what he was capable of, we had too many differences and very much were doomed from the start. In a way I thank God that we never married. The courts in Australia threw his case out of court and he was refused access on the grounds of violence and anger. As far as I know his moved to Turkey with a young wife.

He has had absolutely nothing to do with his children for 4 years now. I have succeeded as a single mother and my children are beautiful. I don't think we ever get over the heartache that is caused and when I look at my children and see him, I am filled with anger and hatred. I do hope one day that I find someone loving and caring to share my life. I have been on my own now for 6 years and it is tearing me apart.



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