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      Our lives will never be the same


After twelve years of sharing my life with the same man, now he won't even answer my phone calls.

Tears of sadness run down my face, I know our lives will never be the same. Too much anger, bitterness and sadness have destroyed our once happy home.

I only wanted him to leave because I wanted to be happy, but now that he is gone, sadness fills my life.

My heart aches for the man I fell in love with so many years ago. We were both so young, so free, so very poor, but so very much in love. We couldn't stand the thought of not being together. Now we can not even talk.

The days of our separation have turned into weeks and now months. We tried to be friends, but it just broke us apart even more. He poured his heart out to me. He told me he loved me. He just cannot live with me.

How can I stop my heart from falling to pieces? How can I end this anguish?


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