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      Tear stained cheeks


My boyfriend and I met three years ago at a party. one year later we were living together.

I fell in love with my boyfriend like he was the only guy on this planet. I would do anything for him and he told me he felt the same way.

During the past three years we've had our ups and downs like any other couple. We've been through a lot considering we are only 20 years of age. He was there for me when my dad past away, when I had to have an abortion (it was his baby), when I came down with a certain illness and I was there for him whenever he needed me. I trusted him, I gave him my heart and soul. We talked about marriage and future kids and our first home. I really thought we had something going. But unfortunately good things never last do they because three nights ago he came home drunk at 5am in the morning and seemed a little upset. After continually asking him what was the matter he finally broke down in tears and said he had just cheated on me. Hearing these words from the man I love felt like a knife stabbing me through the chest. I know he felt guilty because I've never seen a grown man cry as much as he did. But his guilt didn't matter much to me - what mattered was that he could put himself in a position like this.

I had never felt so betrayed in all of my 20 years. I broke down in tears and sobbed like a little child into my pillow. How could he do this to me, to us, to our relationship. I just couldn't understand. Anyway, we decided to talk it through because I wanted to be mature about it all.

Basically I have given him one more chance- it's still hard though because every time I look at him all I could see is him with another woman. I know I should've just walked out on him but it's so hard to walk away from someone you love.


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