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      Jeff, will I ever find you ?


So many nights do I sit and think of you and wish I could see your smiling face. So many nights do I wish, deep in my heart, to feel your warm embrace.

I ask God if I will ever find you again, because I have so much I want to say.
First of all, that I am sorry I broke your heart, and threw your precious love away. It has been so long, do you think of me with bitterness and tears,
Or have you just forgotten me, because I was nothing, the latter is highest of my fears.

Someday, maybe God will bless me, to see your smiling face once again, I will pray, every day, for that chance to let you know how I loved you, Until then.

November of 1984(the day after Thanksgiving), I met Jeff, who came to Arizona from California to meet me. Jeff was physically challenged, and used pole-crutches to get around, and was hard of hearing. We had met through a singles paper for people with disabilities. I was 19 and pregnant, and did not know what I truly wanted in my life.

After Jeff returned to California, he wrote to me, asking me to go and live with him. I said no, I told him I just wanted to be friends, how stupid of me, because I loved him.

He never wrote to me again, and I so wish he had, I think I would have told him the way I felt about him then, and we would have been together all these years. If anyone thinks they know Jeff, please contact me. Jeff would be from 37 to 44 by now, he was around 5 ft 10 inches tall, had long reddish - brown hair, that had a curl to it, his eyes were a wonderful shade of brown, I drowned in those eyes. Please, someone, help me find him.

Thank you xmistybluex @ yahoo . com


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