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      My first love, I want him back


I have never had a boyfriend, but when I saw him I knew he was going to be mine.

I'm shy so I couldn't go up to him, but he was not, we saw each other at school everyday, we started to talk on the phone and we had our first kiss on October 24th of last year, my first kiss, it was so beautiful.

We started to see each other. I was so happy. He would always come to me in the morning but one morning he didn't come to me, I thought he would come to school late, so I'll see him during lunch, but he was no where to be found, so I thought he didn't come to school, until a couple a minutes before the bell rang saw him, and he saw me and smiled but went to talk to his friends, I wonder why he didn't come to me. Before the last period he always came to see me, but he didn't. I knew it was over, and I was hurt and he didn't tell me anything.

I wrote him a letter asking why he did this, he didn't answer back, I wasn't in love, so I tried to get over it, I kind of did. Until in December. we started to talk on the internet, it was nice we were friends, we went out to the movies, but we ended up kissing, when he dropped me off I asked him why he stopped talking to me, he said that he didn't want a girlfriend, I got upset and left the car. A few days later we started talking again, and started going out and on January 8th he asked me to be his girlfriend, I said yes.

We've been together, he told me he loved me within three months, I said it back, he was my best friend, he was my every thing, we would argue like any other couple. Three weeks ago we had a big fight, we were tired of fighting so we had along talk and we made up. Last week on Thursday and Friday we spent the time at his house I felt so loved, before he took me home he told me that he loved me so much, he wasn't like others he wasn't, he was the love of my life, he made me happy. In the car going to my house we told each other we wouldn't make love again until we were ready, he said or "when we get married" I knew we were going to be together forever. We were supposed to go out saturday. I was getting ready, when he called me and said a last minute thing came up. I got upset because I wanted to be with him. I got off the phone upset. He didn't call me on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, so I called him on Wednesday. I got him before he went into work and I asked him why he was ignoring me and he said he wasn't, he said I didn't call him, I never call him, he always calls. Later that day he called me, I told him I didn't want to fight and I was sorry, I was using my sisters phone and she kept telling me to get off, so I just hung up. I called him back an hour later expecting everything would be over. I said I was sorry, but he went on with it. I gave him a choice if he still wanted to be with me or not, I told that I loveed him with all my heart, and I still wanted to be together, it took him a long time to tell to tell me that he just wanted to be friends, I fell into tears, I was so heartbroken, I didn't expect him to say that, so I said goodbye and told him to say it back, he wouldn't, he still wanted to be friends, I told him no. How could I be friends with someone that I love with all my heart. He wouldn't say good bye, he said no that he still wanted to be friends and we will see each other again, I said no. He said he couldn't say goodbye that he would always have a place in his heart for me. He said if he said goodbye he wouldn't mean it.

I love him so much. I cant stop thinking about him, but I know I will get him back I will. He will be mine again. I still want my best friend back.


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