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      O my heart


O my heart, why are you so downcast! Be strong my mind, be still my soul and be tender my heart.

O my lips, why are you so tense! Do not become hard merely because he doesn't love you.

O my tongue, spill not bitter words! Lest the poison will ruin you from your limbs, lest poison will be transported to your mind, your heart and your soul. Do not let yourself be corrupted merely because he doesn't call you. Millions of regrets, you idiot, what on earth could you ever say to him that you would never love him. You deserve to suffer!

Regrets, remorse fill my heart. My limbs are paralysed by the sorrow of love. My soul is screaming and my bones are groaning. You cannot go on missing him awfully like this. You cannot go on starving like this. Can't you see you are being torn apart? Seize my words and thou shalt be saved. He wouldn't know, would he? He wouldn't care, would he? He wouldn't want to see you suffer, would he? He wouldn't take this risk, would he? He wouldn't let you to mend his broken heart, would he? He wouldn't love you.

Wake up and ye shalt not dwell in tears. Sorrow, I command you to go away. Misery, ye shalt not lock my door anymore. Fear, there's no territory for you to conquer here. Hatred, there is no place for you.


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