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      Give me a chance


The love we shared was one I never felt before. When she was in my arms, it felt as if nothing mattered. Not the pain and torment of high school or the anger from our parents. Under the moon it felt like a scene from a movie. There beneath the bridge, she kissed me. It felt like a natural high.

Then she broke my heart. In a letter she told me she only wanted to be friends. But it came so sudden that I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to believe it. I begged and I pleaded "please give me a chance to show how much I love u!" but she replied the same "I just want to be friends" I tried but I failed to win back her heart. Please just tell me what I did. I'll fix the problem from inside. But the same words came out. I yearn for her touch again. I want to have her in my arms like before. Now every time I think about her, it hurts.

To know that I cant have her. What do I have to do to show my love. So please just give me a chance.


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