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      Unconditional love - Tracy and Julie Thompson


Tracy and I met when I was 13, and he was 14. We had a wonderful relationship that started November 2, 1995... and we eventually married one year out of high school, April 3, 1999. Well, you know how it goes, you get married young without being able to experience other people, things and places... We had moved down to his home town. A little town that you can really refer to as the "country", and all my life I had been a "city girl". I guess I started getting bored, restless, the kind of "feel like you are going nowhere attitude"... and so I started wandering. I met somebody new, exacting, wonderful, and who promised me the world... so one day, not long after our two year anniversary, I left Tracy and moved 2 hours away... "trying to find myself". He was absolutely devastated, as was both of our families. I on the other hand, was having the time of my life.

I had a great new job making twice as much money, and things were going well with the new guy so far, even though he was also married but separated. It seemed that I felt no remorse for leaving Tracy behind. I still loved him, but was so happy to be out of the small town that I seemed to forget our past together, our happiness and the love we shared. I ended up falling in love with the new guy "Jake", and him with me. We carried on a relationship for almost two years, and for 1 1/2 years of that time, Tracy patiently waited on me to come back to him.

Whenever we spoke, his words were never mean or harsh, he would simply tell me that he loved me, and hoped that one day I would come back to him. Simply put, I was such a horrible person for the things I did and put him through. He did nothing but try to keep us together the whole time, while I selfishly was only looking out for myself. Tracy eventually moved on, and 6 months ago, Jake and I broke it off. Mine and Tracy's divorce was just final in September 02. Tracy had found a great new girl who was an RN and loved him very much, but had told her that he still loved me and was trying to work through that.

When Tracy heard that Jake and I were no longer together, he wanted to contact me, but was so scared of being hurt again. I couldn't blame him. Tracy loves me so unconditionally, purely and wonderfully, that I have never figured out what would/ could possess me to ever take a chance on losing our true love. It took getting out in the real world to realize just how many jerks there are out there... and there are many. Tracy is extremely handsome, caring, loving, honest, trustworthy, hardworking, and has good morals. At one point, when I had gained up to 225lbs... he still told me everyday that he loved me and how beautiful I was to him. Like I said girls... he is practically perfect.

We recently ended up getting back together... and I thank God everyday that I have been given a second chance. We are very happy together now, and even though I am having to regain the trust of him and his family slowly, it was the best decision we ever made. Through the life changing experiences I went through over the last 2 years, I am now able to fully recognize and appreciate the unconditional love he has for me, (and me for him).

I am happier now than I have been in a long time, and completely ready to make him the happiest person in the world. We are planning to be re-married again in the next few months. It seems like life takes unexpected turns sometimes, but they always work out for the best... in the end.


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