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      If you love him - set him free


I met the love of my life a year ago. We became close good friends very quickly, but knew we had no future as he is Muslim and I am not. But, we couldnt keep our feelings well enough hidden and we decided to take the risk and be together.

We were together 6 months, and I have never felt so complete. He was and still is everything I want in a man.

I decided to end the relationship, he swore he could never marry a non-muslim, and I couldnt be what he wanted, all I wanted was for him to happy, and I couldn't provide that, so I let him go.

He was devastated, and now believes I couldn't have ever loved him. I dont know what hurts more, the fact that I am without him, or the fact that I have hurt him so badly.

The pain isnt fading, just getting worse everyday.

What have I done?


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