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I met this guy and everything was great. We started out as friends but then it grew into what I thought was love. He told me that I was the only woman that he ever loved and that we would be together until I wanted it to end. I believed every word he said because I loved him.

We started getting into fights about nothing at all. He started hanging around younger girls that he said were just his friends. We broke up and he stopped talking to me. Whenever it seemed like I was over him he would find away to get back in. Like just recently we started talking again and he tells me that he wants to be with this younger girl that he was messing with when we were together. But he started kissing me and it felt the way it did in the beginning. He said that he was going to come over the next day before he left. He went to town and saw this younger girl and then called and told me that he may not come over the next day. I couldn't understand why. Did he still have feelings for me? He said he did but I can't be sure. We have been through this before but I think that it is different this time.

I feel all alone with no one to talk to. What can I do?


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