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      Swing the heartache


I met the most wonderful man through a friend of mine, we got into conversation and the longer that we talked the more that I fell in love. We have known each other for over 9 years and had never truly talked, and now that we were talking, we were falling, deeply in love. The set back to this story is that this man is married to a woman who treats him badly and does not care, but he stays for his son. I have never felt a deeper connection with anyone like I do when I am with him or even just thinking about him. But like I said, he is married, he wants to leave his loveless marriage but I encouraged him not to leave for the sake of his son, since his wife would not allow him to see his son, she is just that kind of person.

I cannot stop thinking of him and the times we have shared although nothing but a few mere kisses has ever come between us. I think he is my soul mate and he thinks I am his. But we parted ways so he could try to salvage what is left of his marriage.

He calls me about once every three or four weeks just to tell me he misses me and that he is thinking of me, I miss him so dearly. Every time that I try to get him out of my mind and it starts to work, he calls, like it is a message to not let him go, what do I do, go for what I love and need, or swing the heartache?


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