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I remember waiting for her to cross a busy road. I was giving her a ride home. I always thought she was a cool person, and then something hit me. The road was so busy, and the cars wouldn't let her pass. So, after standing there for a good 5 minutes she says "Why did the chicken cross the road?" It was hilarious, and I fell in love. I don't what it was. The look on her face. Her sense of humour. She was bubbling with life and I wanted to be a part of hers.

Months turned into years, and I thanked my blessings everyday I was with her. I was a little boy with her. A day did not pass that I wouldn't melt when I looked her in the eyes. We would literally gaze at each other for minutes, without saying a word, and I was filled with Joy. Four years into the relationship she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career. The long distance strained the relationship. It was hard living without each other, and there was a lot of missing more than loving. I couldn't take it. We eventually split up.

A few months later I heard she was back in town for the summer. I rushed to where she was to surprise her, and that very moment we were together again. It was if we never missed a beat. However, a couple of years later we called it off again, unable to live without each other due to the distance. She tried to give my a gift that meant one day we would be back together. I waited for that day, and it seemed like it would never come.

So...i t's been seven years since then. I am in another relationship now and I will be married soon. My fiancée thinks the world of me. But, I have never been able to shake my feelings for my love lost. I thought that time would heal me, but that's a cliché. My feelings have never faded and I still think about her to this day. I heard from her brother that she has been asking about me lately, and would like to rekindle what we once had. Unfortunately, too many things have happened in my life and it would be too hard to turn my life and other's upside down. She has finally decided to come back. However, I can't bring myself to hurt my fiancée by ending our relationship. I have had a few girlfriends since our break-up and learned to accept the fact that we will never be together again. I have realised that I will never feel the way I did again like I felt when I was with her. I couldn't shake my feelings for her after all this time so I don't even try anymore. I just accept the fact that I will live the rest of my life without my soul mate.


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