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      Destined to be


I've never wrote a love story. So I wont try. All I can do is explain. A love so rare. We never took the time to notice we we're there. Best of friends, sister and brother. That's what they call us.

We made love for weeks. See, young fools only think of how to get you in the sheets. But we were destined to be. 6 years in the making. One day our words were exchanged. A week apart. Should let us know if we had that spark. Yes indeed. We were meant to be.

One day you did not come to me. This cannot be. We were destined. For my love has no question. One day we will be. For I can look no further. When you are my hunger. For one day you will come back to me. If you read this you know who you are. Our love was destined. For that I will wait. Even on my dieing day.


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