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      Slipping in and out of my life


We once were friends, and in no time I fell for you. No words could say how much I Loved You so. I never wanted anyone but you. Sad to say You never felt the same, and in no time you slipped out of my life for a while, you hadn't called in months.

We became friends again you and me, but I still loved you just the same.

Then again after a couple months you slipped out again, only to date my friend who treated you bad. It didn't work out so you run to me for support. I gladly accepted you back into my life because I loved you so, and had some hope that this would be the time you would want me.

But then again you slipped out of my life, and this time I had made a promise not to call you. I loved you still, but this was just too hard. How can we be friends anyway when I love you so? I don't think I can handle just the friendship anymore. Then one day I accidentally called you and thought, "God how could this happen"? I broke my promise. You wanted to meet, but I hesitated, afraid of a friendship with you.

We finally meet again, hopes are high that maybe this time you will change your mind. Things were great for awhile, but you had some wrong idea that I was pushing for a relationship, when all this time I was trying to stay away and to protect myself emotionally. Now we are no longer friends.

Finally now is when I can say goodbye for good. I will always love you with a love you never wanted nor will you ever understand.

God Bless you Simon. This is the end for you and me. You will never make me cry again.


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