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      Is the love still there?


You stole something from me I would like to have back. Like a thief you stole my heart soul and life. You have managed to consume my every thought process. What ever my eyes look at they only see you. My heart longs and desires to feel yours beating next to mine once again. I never knew I could love so deeply, honestly and pure.

If the sky is as beautiful blue as I recall once seeing; now all I see are the color blue of your eyes everywhere I look. The ocean maybe blue but not as lovely as your blue eyes. The moon could not captivate the beautiful image of you. The stars could not imitate your dazzling exciting smile. The world is an abyss to me now. A large black whole that shows no light in the end.

My body longs to feel your arms holding me close as you once did. I linger for the touch of your hands. If I could make a list of the things I miss most of all about you, there would be no paper left to write on nor words left to say. There isnít anything I donít miss about you.

I look at everyone to see if they have your smile, laughter, looks. No one has them. You were made one of a kind. Like a collector I would like to have the original artwork that I am so terribly fond of. There are only substitutes and never a replacement for your love. Everyday hurts more then the day before without you.

My laughter have become the sound of tears falling. My heart is only connected to yours. Let me free I canít go on without you and this painful memory.

I am trapped in the depths of hell without your love. My mind tormented with thoughts of loving you. Ten million tears I have shed ten million more tears I will shed in silence thinking, hurting and wanting you. If you want me please let me know, if you donít want me let me know, I donít want to have to wonder any longer what could have been, what should have been. Break this silence between us. Help me past the misery of loving and wanting you.

I canít call you a thief really when I gave my true deep love so willingly. I could not help myself then I canít help myself now. I know I belong with you. I feel it deep in my soul. I want it with all that is good in my soul.

If you see this and you want me as I love and want you. If your love is willingly and able to take a chance with me once again. As scared as I am. Knowing in the end you will leave me once again, hurt me leaving me in total despair, I love and miss you so much I would go against my own volition break my own vowels to be with you. I canít make it perfect yet, but your love is perfect for me. Your love is all I want and need for me.

I am not complete without you.

You will know who this is writing, you will feel my love for you. I feel you have the same love for me also. You will know it is me with this three little numbers I type here, {143}.

Come home its awful lonely without you


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