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      Fate, a match made in heaven - UPDATED


I have been going out with my boyfriend for 4 months going on 5 now. We met in an internet chat room/dating site and started taking to each other a couple of times a week. It started to be more regular and I would look forward to hearing from him... Eventually after a few weeks, I couldn't stand the suspense any longer and asked to meet for coffee. We met and we were both very nervous. I really liked him and I was sure he liked me, but as he was so nervous, didn't talk very much, so I wasn't sure if he was that interested.

During the next week after we met, I got an email from him asking me to go out again. I was so excited and of course said yes. We went to the tennis. It was a fantastic day (we both love sport). We got on much better, but it was still very hard to make conversation. We kept going out every weekend after that and slowly he started to open up. I am a happy, bubbly person and it was hard at first, but after he got used to being with me, we started to talk more and more, sometimes talking for hours and forgetting the time.

We then found out that we live in the same suburb! (about 5 mins away from each other).

We both live at home still and visit each others houses every night. We can't go a night without seeing one another. We both haven't had a girlfriend or boyfriend before and are loving every minute we spend together. We have the same ideas about everything and like doing the same things.

We both don't believe in sex before marriage as it was the way we were brought up and I believe that it should be a sacred thing to share with your loved one on our wedding day.

I am looking forward to the day when he ask's me to marry him and we can start our lives together to live happily ever after...


I wrote our story in a story to share a few months ago and wanted to send an update to that story as so much has happened since then I wanted to share it with you.....

I met my guy on the internet in a chat room, we started talking and eventually went out for the first time. That day was now 8 months ago! We are still together and going on strong. We spend nearly every hour of the day together, even though we live in separate houses for now, we could not be closer, we think about each other every minute we are not together and wish the time to go faster.

My boyfriend has recently changed jobs and we now are able to drive to work together, as his work is around the corner from mine, it was not planned - but sometimes things just work out that way, our whole relationship has been like that - like the gods are all looking down on us. We drive to work, have lunch together in a nearby park, drive home together and then dinner at his parents house, he comes over to spend the evening with me and my family. It is his birthday soon and I have already bought his present. It is a very nice silver necklace and bracelet (cuff) set that I am sure he is going to love. Anything I give him, he says he loves because I gave it to him.

I feel very sure that he is THE ONE and want to spend the rest of my life loving him, & into forever.

I don't want to be the one to ask him as I think it should be the man, but I am hoping he will ask me to marry me by Christmas. He hasn't bought me any jewellery yet (friendship rings etc) but I have made little hints for my Christmas present and I am hoping that he will make it a very special ring, not just for friendship.

He is so special, very loving, caring, and has the most gorgeous smile -his whole face lights up. We know each other's every word before we say it, we think the same way, we like doing the same things, eat the same foods (& hate the same ones), laugh at the same things, we hold hands and kiss tenderly every time we are alone together, everything just tells me that we are meant to be together, even the way that we met, it all leads to fate. We never would have met if we didn't both look in the internet, even though we live in the same suburb, we probably have seen each other around in the past, but not NOTICED each other if you know what I mean.

I thank the gods or whoever sent him to me and wish the same happiness to all the readers of this site.

take care,



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