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      Wind beneath my wings


I was eleven when I met Lucinda, we were in the same class at school but we weren't really very close; she had her friends and I had mine. But we gradually realised we had more in common and by the time we were fifteen we were best friends. I always knew she had a brother, but he was always out playing some sport whenever I called round. So it wasn't until I was nearly sixteen that I met William.

I'd been told he was very good looking by girls in my year, and quite a few of my friends fancied him; he was the sporty type. Always playing rugby or cricket and talked non stop about sports. So one night a group of us were staying the night at Lucinda's house; and when I walked into the kitchen at about eleven o'clock that night, sitting on a stool at the counter in boxers and an England rugby shirt was the most gorgeous guy I'd ever seen, eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream straight from the tub. He simply grinned at me and held out his hand.

When I took it I expected him to shake, but instead he gently kissed the back of my hand and introduced himself as Will. I went bright red; I didn't think for a minute that I would meet my soul mate in my best friends kitchen, wearing a strappy top and shorts with no make up!

He told me to pull up a chair and we got talking, I love sport; especially rugby and we hit it off immediately. But whenever we saw each other (which became more frequent), even though we flirted, nothing ever happened. But I always longed that something would.

Finally we started seeing each other, but it sometimes became awkward with Lucinda being his sister and him being two years older. Those two years don't seem much now, but when you're sixteen and have an eighteen year old boyfriend it seems much more. He took me to his May Ball; his schools last formal event before the upper sixth left.

We stayed together through the summer, but that autumn he was going off around the world on his gap year with his best friend, James. And just before I started the sixth form we broke up. We'd been going out for just under a year. We both decided to end it like that, because of Will going round the world; and it would be hard with so much distance between us.

I started my AS levels, and Will came back and went to University. We didn't see each other much, only the odd weekend when I would bump into him when I was at their house visiting Lucinda. But instead of things being awkward between us, I felt the same longing for him I had when I first met him and realised I still had feelings for him.

When we had just started our Upper Sixth year, Lucinda came into school and handed me an envelope, grumbling about being her brothers messenger. And when I opened it there was a letter from Will; saying how much he missed me and that he still loved me. I was so happy I burst out crying right there at my locker; which came as a great shock to Lucinda who rushed forward and hugged me, and demanded to know what her brother had done now! When I told my friends, who had gathered around me, they were really happy for me and told me to get back with him.

Now I'm twenty and studying Performing Arts at Guildford School of Acting, and I'm still with Will. I couldn't have come through this last year without him; as my cousin, whom I was really close to, and thought of as a sister, died in a car accident. I felt so low and depressed, but Will picked me up, dusted me down and helped me get on with my life.

He lifted me up when I was down, and was my angel when my wings were having trouble remembering how to fly. I wanted to quit university but he made me stick at it, and things have improved, I've been predicted a future on the stage and people are saying I'll fly high.

Even if I could fly higher than an eagle, Will would be the one that's the wind beneath my wings.

I love you forever Will.

xXx Carrie xXX


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