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      If he really loved me


We had been together so long. At first we were rocky and I cheated on him twice but he forgave me and said that it was no big deal, he said that this was because he loved me. The relationship seemed fine to me but then we started to argue a lot, the relationship took its toll and arguing was all we did. Neither of us trusted each other, jealousy got in the way, I was especially jealous of him being round his ex, he didn't trust me around anyone. Things seemed fine for a while and then one day he just dumped me, like yesterdays newspaper.

The hardest thing for me to handle was that he didn't talk to me after that. He ignored me, it was as though we had never even met, a month or so later he got back with his ex. Had I pushed him to this? was it all my fault? I cried for days non-stop. I had never been so distraught in all my life. I kept telling myself he still loved me and that he'd come back to me but he didn't. To this day they're still together, I have moved on, but I will never ever forget him.

When I am on my own the thought is still there. I still cry about it now and then. The hardest part was that I recently found out that all that time he was with his ex he spoke of how he never really loved me, I was just there to him, it was all about the sex, he claims I'm immature. He told my friend that the I had no trust in him and the jealously turned him to hate me. I say to all you girls out there if you have someone that you truly love within your arms, Don't hold on too tight, because you may just push them away, hold on lightly, that way they'll always be there. xOx


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