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      The continuing love story of us


Dave & I met via the internet at the mid to end of March 2001. We started chatting and found we shared some of the same interests and hopes and dreams. We are both idealists (with smatterings of realism) with an unquenchable desire for romance. He shared his life story with me and told me of his search for that elusive “special someone”. I too had a life story and the same desire to find my soul mate. I read some of his writings (poems) that he had written over the years mostly a by product of pain and heartache. They brought me to tears. I also like to write and shared some of my words with him.

We spoke through our monitors whenever possible. Each and every night I waited for him to sign on so we could share our days happenings as well as more of ourselves with one another. More and more I was realising that maybe, just maybe I was chatting with my soul mate. I couldn’t hear enough of what he had to say. I hadn’t felt such happiness in a very long time. But ours wasn’t an easy relationship. We had several obstacles to overcome. Distance, our life circumstances and the fact that we each had children to consider all hindered our time together. But as they say, all things come with time and good things come to those who wait. But believe me patience is not a virtue he and I possess.

There was actually a time when I had all but given up hope of ever being together. He even wrote something for me regarding that:

Even though the sky seems kind of gray,
The feelings I have for her, I just cannot say.

For a woman so near and dear to my heart,
Someday there will be a time we will never part.

She is the beauty and the light in my eyes
For one day we will not have to say goodbye.
A life so desperately sought together,
Soon our hearts will meet and spend a lifetime, Forever
The road we have descended upon has many steps and stones
But our life together will be a destiny all of our own.
For a woman who has lost faith in the way that I feel for her
All that is and can be said.

Is that my love for her grows inside of me from now until the very day
that I rest forever in my bed.

And to my end, when he lost faith in himself for a time, unable to find a job that suited him, this is what I wrote for him:

It matters not what we do with our time together, but in the simple fact that we
ARE together. This man makes me laugh and smile. There are times I find
Myself just gazing at his face revelling in the feelings he has awakened
In my heart.
It truly is an inspiration to watch this man go through life’s journeys. Even though
There have been many roadblocks along the way, he has never given up holding
fast to his hopes and dreams. His belief in those are essentially a reflection of
His belief in himself. It is no ordinary man, who despite adversity has maintained strength and integrity. This man shines through life, he is no ordinary
man, he is my hero!

The way I feel about Dave can be summed up in this phrase. We are each two halves of the same whole. Without him I was surviving, since he has come into my life I am truly living!

Our love is continually growing and evolving. The more time I spend with him the more time I want to spend with him. We do things for each other and with each other. Another good example of our relationship came from my sons mouth one day sitting at the dinner table. It was early in my relationship with Dave, one of the first time the kids had met him…we were sitting eating pizza and John looked around the table and said, “this feels like a family” No truer words were spoken!

Our love is a family affair, we share it continually with our five children. They are included in the decisions we make, either directly or indirectly. That’s why they are going to be our attendants and we are all lighting the unity candle... we are uniting the seven of us into one family unit.

Being survivors of divorce we both hope it better equips us to nurture our love. To not take each other for granted but to cherish one another, to say I love you every day. Realising that we must always work at our love, never forgetting how important this relationship is and how we felt without one another. Our love is the strongest and most fulfilling emotion possible. We are truly living our dreams in an awake state and we are culminating our love into marriage.


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