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      Love afar


It started 22 months ago, when in a chat room, I clicked on someone from the other side of the Atlantic. I immediately felt this was someone so different to anyone I had met before.

I started writing and received a reply, much to my surprise, and that was the start of a long and romantic daily emailing and weekly writing of letters, twice a week we phoned each other and then I decided I knew enough of this beautiful woman to go and meet her.

Having spent 3 months starving myself, saving 20/40 PER WEEK I saved the fare and I jumped on a plane. It wasn't long before the day arrived when we met, It was like I had already knew this person, she was funny, witty and very caring. I stayed with her for 2 weeks before returning to the UK.

A month later, she arrived in the UK and stayed with me for 3 months. Both of us have failed marriages, me with one son aged 20, she with two daughters aged 21 and 23.
We are now planning to spend our lives together, we are both in our 50's, but have found total honesty, openness, laughter, and trust. We accept each other without preconceptions, share everything, every minute of the day, I love to make her coffee, bring her flowers, take her dancing, take her out, dance, walk and shop... both our lives are complete, it's amazing, the internet has changed both our lives indisputably, forever, I adore her as much as she loves me, god willing, we plan to marry soon.

I can say to anyone, regardless of, nationality, wealth, colour, religion, there are many people, thank god, who still show love and compassion to other human beings. This woman gave me a new life, love, total honesty and commitment, a true angel, there is always someone out there for anyone when you find each other, don't listen to family or friends, just love each other, whether you are rich or poor, has no meaning, love conquers all, if you believe in each other.


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