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      Silent Love


5 years ago, I met this guy that was completely into me. I gave him my phone number and we talked, we ended up being best friends. I really liked him, and I knew he liked me too, but I just kept it all bottled up inside.

THEN one night, we were under the moon-light and the urge to be right next to him came over me, and I felt that the same feelings were going through him also, so I took his arms and wrapped them around me and in my movement he continued to follow as I led.
We ended up a couple and before we knew it, 1 year passed us by, I was really into him. I had more than normal feelings for him, it was strange, not quite love but almost.

Love was not discovered until the next summer, it was like the heat was on between us, I never wanted to be away from him and he never wanted me away from him either, for the first time I held him in my arms and I felt his soul, and then right there as we were once again under the moon-light, alone, but together, looking into his eyes, under the stars I discovered I was in love. Deeply in love.

I didn't tell him, I was afraid that if I loved him, he wouldn't love me back.. years went by with me holding my love inside, and then we broke up. I always felt that maybe if I said something, or at least tried that we would still be together, but we went a long time, without speaking, and this hurt me so much, I had many nights with tears and heart aches because my love for him was stuck inside of me and the fact that it never came out hurt. I didn't know what to do, I would run every day to release the pain I had inside of me, because he was my everything, I worked out so much and I imagine that it hurt but I could not feel the pain, I felt nothing... and I felt like I was nothing. I would pray to god at night that if he would bring him back to me I would never again take the love I held for anyone for granted, I would cry and tell myself things would be okay, but it wasn't because I was so incomplete. So, you can imagine what I felt when the day came that he found me, I was in tears after he said hello, I cried tears of joy... and remembered all my pain, and for once I heard my prayers, I felt so good, and within hours he was at my door step, and nothing in the world ever felt so right, he held me and he looked into my eyes and I cried as I watched him, express his feelings to me, and then I told him..... I loved him!!!!

If you love someone tell them before it's too late, no matter how you tell them, make sure they know. It hurts not being loved in return, but it hurts more when you can't let it out.

Honey B!!!!!


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