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      My heart belongs to you, but my future belongs to him


Itís been s long since I met you Martin. Or at least it feels like it. Never did I imagine falling in love with somebody like you. I felt like I had finally met the perfect man. Intrigued by your intelligence and compassion. Being the only child and looking out for your parents. Wow! Maturity. Very Impressive. Always admired that. The way you treated me and respected me was just amazing. The same respect you showed for you mother.

As our relationship continued I knew I had fallen in love with you. The perfect relationship. Wait maybe not.

The thing that I admired the most about you was now bothering me. It was causing fights and struggles in our relationship. Why? Your parents do not approve of me because Iím too independent. Your father says that I am not good enough for you. Why? Why do you have to listen to him so much? Remember when you were going to move in with me? When I had all of my hopes up and I felt that the world was in my hands. You called to tell me that you were no longer going to do it because your father told you not to do so. What happened to that maturity I so much admired?

I was crushed.

Seven months ago you were taken away from me once again. War started and Iím left all alone again. I had made the promise that I would wait. Tears in my eyes every night and every day. My world revolved around you. Once again I felt like my world was tumbling down. This whole time I have waited for you.

Please donít say a word wait until I finish.

I have met somebody very special. He makes me feel wanted and loved. I want to be around him all the time. He makes me laugh and he is very intelligent. Yes he is very independent. A lot older than me but he wants something out of life. He doesnít depend on his parents to make decisions for him. Please forgive me but I need to move on. I need to know that the man that I am with will not judge me and will not tell me to be quite all of the time because that isnít lady like. Nonetheless I want to know that he cares about whatís inside I my heart not by the way I look. I was never your trophy.

The worse thing about it all is to know that you never had any plans to marry me. May god take care of you and your parents. Deep inside I still love you. I will love you forever.



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