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      Fool in love


Eight years ago I fell in love with my man. We met as college friends, doing our homework together, talking for hours on the telephone. I wrote most of his college papers.

Hindsight, he was a recovering addict, he even used crack cocaine twice in those first years. I was mother hen. After a year of being friends we took it to the boyfriend, girlfriend level. I am older than him, he has never let me forget it. He doesn't have kids, I do. Well, under his conditions we started out sexually with him telling me that he had found a younger girl to have his baby. Sometimes he would get up out of our bed and describe to me how she would look or what she said. The boyfriend also, consulted his mother about me verses her. I became pregnant during this time, but had a miscarriage. He pretended not to know what was going on with me, and so all of the sorrow was left to me.

Eight years he would walk in front of me, not want to go anywhere with me. The last two years, we could be in the same house and he might have said two words to me. He didn't want to do anything around the house. He made mine and my daughters hair come out from stress. Finally he had us believing that we would move to and run a housing project through his job, so that we could save money to buy our own home, but guess what. Only he moved. He gave me a 7 days notice, said many mean things. Doesn't call it a break up, but a step-back. He got the idea from his good old mother again. We had already given our notice to the landlord, but lucky I was able to pay to not have to move. This was my Christmas present. Now he calls and wants sex just like nothing has happened with the relationship, in fact, he has asked me to apologize to him because I let my kids and every other thing happen to him.


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