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      Will... will he ever love me?


Its not fair! It just isn't fair!

Does God want this hurting for me? Does he want me to relentlessly dream of the same guy and then wake up with a knot in my throat and tears in my eyes? Does he want me to kick the walls and pray that all this will go away?

The moment I saw him, I just wanted to be alone with him and be his everything! But all my dreams seem far off and I hurt inside and all my wishes I had for myself disappeared... especially now it seems he is my only hope. Would he please just walk out of my heart and just get out of my sight and mind? Will he please just go away where I may never think of him or dream of him? Will he make me stop hurting inside? Will... will he ever love me?

DOESN'T ANYONE UNDERSTAND! I cried last night, and it seemed with every tear that dropped, his face sparkled in it and I caught it and brought it to my face and then cried harder. I just am so awake in this cold chill and the more I feel like this, the more tears are cried and the more self confidence drops. He's what makes me breathe, what makes me dance, and what makes me walk each step of life. I just want to be in our own little galaxy together. And when I lift up my hands and pray that maybe someday, someday you will love me. But will this hurting stop soon? Will I forget about him? O please will you just say! Will... will he ever love me?

Please someone help me! Email me at

Thanks, Lauren Simendinger

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