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      Too young


Tom was my true love, there was no doubt about it. Even though we were only sixteen it was definitely true love.

We met at a friends party and started chatting, we were mainly into the same things and had lots in common, and by the end of the night we'd kissed and danced a bit together. As the party broke up and people went home we exchanged numbers but I didn't expect him to call; he was so good looking and lots of other girls, prettier than me, fancied him. So the next day I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from him, we met up and soon we were calling each other every night and seeing each other after school and in lunch breaks.

One night last January Tom came over to my house to watch DVDs and keep me company while my parents were away on business, as my house is rather large and quite creepy when you're alone. So we spent the night lying on the couch in the sitting room, eating junk food and watching horror films (as Tom loved them, and I just loved diving onto his shoulder whenever anything crossed the screen). When it had gone past midnight Tom's brother, Ashley called Tom on his mobile to see if he wanted a lift. Tom obviously excepted and it was about half twelve when his brother arrived at my house. I kissed Tom goodnight and we told each other 'I love you' as we always did when parting and he got in the car with his brother and they drove off.

The next morning I got a telephone call saying Tom had been in an accident on the way home, Tom had been killed instantly and Ashley had died on the way to the hospital. The driver of the other car involved had been drunk and escaped with minor injuries.

The thing that made me share my story, I think, is a quote in the quotes section. It's quote number 1134 and it said

"To Tom my one true love,
no matter what anyone says we'll stay together and go the distance because we only need each other. love you forever baby, lots of love Caroline xXxXx"

My friend pointed it out to me, because my name is Caroline and she thought I'd written it. But I want to wish that Caroline and Tom all the luck in the world, and I hope you do last forever.

But right now there's another Angel in Heaven, another star in the sky.

And this is for you Tom, and I'm trying not to cry, and I'm trying to live my life but it's so hard without you by my side. Just wait for me okay? I will always love you xxx


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